Phil Silcock - Professional photographer and videographer who enjoys working with small and large businesses alike. I can help you enhance your visual marketing by producing images and films that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the most successful brands.

Creative Photography & Video Production - Social media campaigns, lifestyle, corporate, advertising, editorial, training and instruction films. If there’s anything you dream about I can produce it. I even have fixed price services offering excellent value.

Most important for me - working closely with you and your team. Only an honest, open and trusting relationship is going to produce the best work regardless of budget. Having a budget for the creative photography and film sector is essential for both my client and myself. Not having a budget is like driving a car with a blindfold on, no one knows where they are going and it’s likely to end in disaster for everyone. If you could let me have your budget, brief and drawings (if possible) I will send you an estimate with a production plan. For larger projects, art directors – stylists – models – actors – props - hair and makeup - studios and locations can all be supplied. Working with my creative network of highly qualified friends and associates helps me produce fantastic results efficiently on time and within budget.

History - My recent work history has included shooting video footage with Howard Boyle for the recent documentary 'Ibiza The Silent Movie' directed by Julian Temple, music by Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim). My current clients include Manumission Ibiza, and Brockmans Gin London, I produced photography and films for both companies and worked with them from day one to over ten years. Manumission was awarded one of the UK’s strongest cool brand’s and ended up listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest club night in the world. Brockmans were the biggest selling new Gin brand in the U.K. and can be found on the shelves of Marks and Spencer. I am currently working with the fashion label, Jacqueline Hancher and coffee wholesaler Café Direct.

Great attention to detail with lighting is what gives me the edge. I work with tungsten, flash, daylight and led, sometimes mixing them up, adding movement to my pictures. Studio work is undertaken at Loft Studios in North West London, the best-equipped studios in the UK. I have worked in a variety of locations and specialise shooting on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, my in-depth knowledge of the Island, it's natural light and diverse locations make it one of my favourite places to take photographs and shoot films.

In the nineties I held my first exhibition ' It's Not What You Think ' it was at this time I met Mike McKay, who modelled for my classic picture ' Hotel Party '. Mike and his brother Andy went on to create Manumission, the Worlds largest weekly party, held on the Island of Ibiza. Mike asked me to take the photographs for Manumissions first advertising campaign. One of the longest photographer & client relationships was born. For over a decade I was commissioned to take over a hundred posters and countless flyers, some of which are shown here on this site. Mike and his partner Claire still work closely together with me, producing work in both photography and film.

Wanting to spend more time exploring various styles of photography I decided to acquire my own studio a large attic warehouse in Camden Town, my home and workplace whilst building up a fashion and beauty portfolio. From 1985 to 1989 I worked for ' Visual Impact Productions, producing photography for catalogues and brochures in the fashion industry.

My interest in photography started working in a store selling camera and lighting equipment. I began taking photos using an old Russian Zenith E camera with a Pentax 50mm lens. At the age of 25 I turned professional and worked at BJP studios in London as a PR photographer, shooting people and still life.