I am Phil Silcock -  Professional photographer and videographer who enjoys working with small and large businesses alike. I can help you enhance your visual marketing by producing images and films that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the most successful brands.

Creative Photography & Video Production - Social media campaigns, lifestyle, corporate, advertising, editorial, training and instruction films. If there’s anything you dream about I can produce it. I even have fixed price services offering excellent value.

Most important for me is working closely with you and your team. Only an honest, open and trusting relationship is going to produce the best work regardless of budget.

Having a budget for the creative photography and film sector is essential for both my client and myself. Not having a budget is like driving a car with a blindfold on, no one knows where they are going and it’s likely to end in disaster for everyone. If you could let me have your budget, brief and drawings (if possible) I will send you an estimate with a production plan. For larger projects, art directors – stylists – models – actors – props - hair and makeup - studios and locations can all be supplied. Working with my creative network of highly qualified friends and associates helps me produce fantastic results efficiently on time and within budget.